The TensiNet partners are the editors of the European Design Guide for Tensile Surface Structures. TensiNet continues to publish reference documents, Working Group publications and proceedings. TensiNet Members can order the publications at a reduced price.

EUROPEAN DESIGN GUIDE FOR TENSILE SURFACE STRUCTURES (2004): All chapters are online available for TensiNet members and for non members the chapter on "Engineering Fabric Architecture"

Working Group ETFE: Design recommendations for ETFE foil structures - Appendix A5 of European Design Guide for Surface Tensile Structures (2013)

Working Group Specification & Eurocode: Prospect for European guidance for the Structural Design of Tensile Membrane Structures (2022)

Working Group Sustainability & Comfort: PCR Guidance-Texts for Building-Related Products and Services / From the range of Environmental Product Declarations of Institute Construction and Environment e.V. (IBU) / Part B: Requirements on the EPD for structural membranes



Proceeding 2023 (Nantes): Membrane architecture: the seventh established building material. Designing reliable and sustainable structures for the urban environment - E-book
Proceeding 2019 (Milano): Softening the Habitats: Sustainable Innovations in Minimal Mass Structures and Lightweight Architectures -  E-book 

Proceeding 2016 (Newcastle): Novel Structural Skins (online proceeding Elsevier Procedia – E-book
Proceeding 2013 (Istanbul): [RE]THINKING Lightweight structure
Proceeding 2010 (Sofia): Textile Architecture: Connecting Past and Future
Proceeding 2007 (Milano): Ephemeral Architecture, Time and Textiles