Leader: Rogier Houtman

Mission: The aim of this WG is to write specific design recommendations for ETFE foil structures. These design recommendations are compiled in the publication of Appendix A5 of European Design Guide for Surface Tensile Structures

Parts of the content have been used for the ETFE part in the SaP report (see WG Specifications and Eurocode). Also a first proposal is formulated to combine the different design strategies mentioned in Appendix A5, which is included in the SaP report.

Next steps are to gain support and common understanding of the industrial parties involved in the ETFE business to come to an applicable design approach that shall become part of the Eurocode for the Structural Design of Tensile Membrane Structures.

The Japanese code on ETFE foil will be reviewed and compared with the current Appendix A5.

Publication: Design recommendations for ETFE foil structures - Appendix A5 of European Design Guide for Surface Tensile Structures" (2013)


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