IASS Surrey 2021 Expo

Competition and exhibition of innovative lightweight structures: An invitation for artists, designers, engineers, and researchers. Organized by the new IASS Working Group 21 “Advanced manufacturing and materials” in close cooperation with the IASS Symposium 2021 and the 7th international conference on Spatial Structures in Surrey.

61 years of IASS and the 3rd WG21 Expo
After the success of the 2015 IASS expo in Amsterdam and the 2019 expo in Barcelona, WG21 is organising a new exhibition to celebrate this success during the annual international symposium of the IASS and the 7th international conference on Spatial Structures. The expo, symposium and conference will take place in Surrey from 23 to 27th August 2021.


The deadline for entries is January 31st, 2021.

See link for more information https://www.jjo33.com/surrey2021