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General information

  • Location address
  • Location country
  • Year of construction
  • Function of building
  • Degree of enclosure
    Fully enclosed structure
  • Climatic zone
    Temperate - cold winters and mild summers
  • Number of layers


The artist Olaf Nicolai created a sculpture called Gadget for the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport – an oversized luminous pearl necklace draped around one of the glass air bridges. This necklace consists of 67 pearls, each with a diameter of 1.50m.

In order to meet the stringent fire protection requirements and weight limitations for the illuminated balls, the architects Schimmelpfennig / Mittig had the idea of using a fabric out of incombustible fiberglass for the shells. As a specialist consultant, 3dtex was commissioned with the development of an appropriate design concept. With the idea of the “twisted pearls” we developed an exceptionally simple design that could fulfil all technical requirements, while our design for the individual pearls was enthusiastically accepted by the artist.
The connection and tensioning mechanisms are arranged in a specially designed aluminium extruded profile and completely covered to achieve the desired minimalist design.

Description of the environmental conditions

Material of the cover

  • Cable-net/Fabric/Hybrid/Foil
  • Type (code)
    Interglas Atex 3000 TRL
  • Material Fabric/Foil
  • Material coating
  • Weight (g/m2)

Main dimensions and form

Duration of use

Involved companies