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    Temperate - cold winters and mild summers


The protected parking facilities for the city's 150 refuse vehicles form one section of a three-part complex erected for the municipal Office for Waste Management. The roof over the vehicle port is a point-supported membrane structure in translucent PTFE-coated glass-fibre fabric. The parking areas are laid out on two levels, consisting of an open concrete upper deck erected within a solid tank structure sunk into the ground. The deck also accomodates changing rooms and showers for 500 refuse workers.
More than 8400 m² in area, the tent roof is supported by a grid of 88 steel columns laid out at 10 x 12 m centres. The membrane itself consists of 12 m precut strips welded together on site. The inner columns are protected against ramming by concrete plinths and have flexible seatings at the base. Horizontal loads are transmitted via raking peripheral columns to the lower-floor structure. Each of the 70 bays of the membrane is tensioned by a central steel suspended column on the underside. The roof is drained by a vacuum system within the main steel columns. The lightweight membrane construction was facilitated by the fact that it contains no members subject to bending. It was designed as a structurally continous area, with thin steel cables on top of the skin articulating the individual bays.

[DETAIL, 6/2000, p1030]

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Office for Waste Management in Munich

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