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Designed as a tactile and friendly space, Architen Landrell was commissioned to add a fabric and lighting feature to the O2 store inside the O2! Once the Millennium Dome, one of London’s most famous iconic structures, AEG and O2 have transformed the space into a brand new entertainment centre incorporating shops, restaurants, music and sporting venues. In the entranceway lies a concept store and interactive lounge space for the communications giants to market their services.
Large, inflated PVC coated polyester pillows were installed over two entire walls and formed the basis of the installation.
The O2 shop was an entirely innovative design. Without being able to fix directly to the floor, the whole installation – fabric, lights, steelwork and control systems - had to be suspended from the existing wall. Unlike any of our other projects, the pillows were welded in a particular way to produce the desired wrinkles! A welding tool had to be specially created to ensure this would consistently occur.
Architen’s lighting department designed the lighting of the pillows with LED colour changers mounted on the frame behind. Proximity sensors located at each column interact with customers and change the effect of the lighting as people draw near or step away. The funky colour changing pillows help realise the designers desire to create a laboratory space which encourages people to interact with the phones and their environment.

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    PVC - coated polyester fabric

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