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TensiNet Symposium 2023 at Nantes Université
From Wednesday 07 June 2023
To Friday 09 June 2023
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The TensiNet Symposium 2023 "Membrane architecture: the seventh established building material. Designing reliable and sustainable structures for the urban environment" will be held at Nantes Université (France) from 7th till 9th June 2023.

TENSINANTES2023 focuses on the significance and potential of fabrics and foils as established building materials and promotes the use of tensile structures in a world of constant change and adaptation. The optimal use of materials, the realisation of a Eurocode, sustainability and reuse are some of the topics that will be covered, ranging from research over practical experiences to realisations. The diversity and complementarity within the TensiNet community: suppliers, manufacturers, installers, engineers, architects, researchers & academics, inspired and fed the idea of putting together duos of speakers who will give keynote lectures around the 3 main themes:

Structural membrane: contemporary, innovative, adaptive daring and impactful solutions In Jules Verne's hometown, with its focus on innovation and futuristic issues, membrane architecture can provide answers to current problems, especially for ever denser cities and for a world that is always on the move.

Tensioned membrane structures: the seventh building material Recent advances in the design of membrane structures, development of a Eurocode dedicated to structural membranes: the word membrane must now be part of the daily vocabulary of architects, designers and decision-makers, and the specificities of membrane design must be part of the knowledge of all structural engineers.

Structural membrane: an answer to issues of the 21st century Lightweight design, well-being, environmental impact, energy and acoustic performance, life cycle of materials and structures, end of life of membrane structures: these keywords are part of the current and future construction challenges and are an important message for the younger generations.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS confirmed. The lectures will be listed in detail soon (title of paper and author(s)).
Bruce Danziger - Danziger Engineering Collaborative, Inc. (Los Angeles, US)
Carol Monticelli - Polytechnic of Milan (Milan, Italy)
Karsten Moritz – IMS Bauhaus® Archineer® Institutes e.V. (Dessau, Germany)
Louis Ratajczak - DVVD (Paris, France)
Ramon Sastre - Universitat Politècnica Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)
Jean-Christophe Thomas - Nantes Université (Nantes, France)
Rosemarie Wagner - Building technology Faculty of Architecture KIT – (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Grégoire Zündel - Atelier Zündel Cristea (Paris, France)




08.30-09.15 Registration

09.15-09.30 Welcome & Introduction

  08.30-10.00 General Assembly TensiNet association


Keynote lecture Bouncing Bridge: ephemeral, autonomous and self-supporting pneumatic temporary structure Grégoire Zündel and Ramon Sastre


Keynote lecture The Pathways to Zero Carbon for Tensioned Membrane Architecture: ongoing actions and next steps Bruce Danziger and Carol Monticelli


Keynote lecture Milestones of ETFE construction methods and starting points for further developments

Karsten Moritz and Jean-Christophe Thomas

10.30-10.50 Coffee break 10.00-10.20 Coffee break 11.00-11.20 Coffee break
10.50-12.55 Lectures 10.20-12.25 Lectures 11.20-13.00 Lectures
13.00-14.00 Lunch break 12.30-13.30 Lunch break 13.00-14.00 Lunch break
14.00-16.05 Lectures 13.30-15.35 Lectures 14.00-15.40 Lectures
16.05-16.25 Coffee break 15.40-16.00 Coffee break 15.40-16.00 Outlooks & Thanks

16.25-17.05 Lectures


Keynote lecture Textile Architecture with or versus today challenges in built environment Rosemarie Wagner

16.00-17.30 Working Group Sustainability & Comfort Meeting with invited guest Bruce Danziger


Keynote lecture Architecture in motion  Louis Ratajczak

17.00-19.00 Walk the green line. Guided walkto the venue of the Gallerie des Machines

19.00-23.00 Conference dinner at Gallerie des Machines

18.05-20.00 Cocktail drink
Location Nantes Université