• Background

    21 October 2007

    TensiNet (2001-04) 

    The initial project has been funded by the European Commission for three years. The consortium of TensiNet consisted of 22 participating organisations with representatives from 9 EU member states. The membership formed a complementary group representing multi-disciplinary industries (coater and weaver, manufacturer, producer, engineering and architecture offices), universities and other associations. 

    Within the thematic programme GROWTH (Promoting Competitive and Sustainable Growth) the partners made the knowledge of their specific domain available and exchanged know-how between different disciplines. 

    The publication of the first European Design Guide for Tensile Surface Structures was the result of these three years of assembling, structuring and analysing existing data. This guide is not intended to be a European standard. However, as a ‘state of the art’ report it is a first step in that direction!



  • TensiNet association

    29 August 2007

    TensiNet is a multi-disciplinary association for all parties interested in tensioned membrane construction. The website www.tensinet.com contains a Project Database as well as articles and links to manufacturers, fabricators, material producers, coaters, weavers, architecture and engineering offices, distributors of machinery, steelwork and ropes, software companies, academic and research institutes. The TensiNet partners are the editors of the European Design Guide on tensile surface structures, and will continue to publish reference documents on this and associated topics. Also, TensiNet publishes the TensiNews newsletter twice a year and supports teaching and training activities in the field of tensioned membrane construction. TensiNet members meet once a year for an Annual General Meeting. Every 3 year TensiNet organizes a TensiNet symposium. In 2016 the TensiNet - COST Action TU1303 SYMPOSIUM 2016 on NOVEL STRUCTURAL SKINS was held at Newcastle University from 26th till 28th October.