TensiNet publishes the TensiNews newsletter twice a year. TensiNet Members have access to the digital versions of the TensiNews. Non-members can consult issues older than 2 years and see a preview, of the latest 4 issues (these can be ordered on line). 

The TensiNet Partners are the editors of the "European Design Guide for Tensile Surface Structures" (2004). Enjoy the chapter on "Engineering Fabric Architecture"

More recently the Working Group ETFE published the "Design recommendations for ETFE foil structures - Appendix A5 of European Design Guide for Surface Tensile Structures" (2013)
The TensiNet Working Group SPECIFICATIONS and EUROCODE, CEN TC 250 WG5 Membrane structures and JRC (Joint Research Centre) published the Science and Policy Report (SaP-Report) "Prospect for European guidance for the Structural Design of Tensile Membrane Structures" (2016). 
The Working Group PNEUMATIC STRUCTURES is finalising their contribution on pneumatic structures (Appendix A6 of European Design Guide for Surface Tensile Structures). 

Every three year TensiNet organises the TensiNet symposium. Proceedings of these symposia are for sale. 

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