• 40 years of Mehler Texnologies in Italy

    23 February 2022

    High-tech textiles for innovative applications

    Mehler Texnologies has been supplying technical textiles to the Italian market for four decades. What began in 1982 with sun protection products has evolved into a broad portfolio of technically coated textiles for a wide variety of innovative applications. In the early 1980s, the specialist for technical textiles started out by captivating the Italian camping sector: The lightweight textiles with their acrylic coating were ideal for use as awnings to protect against the sun. Even today, products from the VALMEX® and AIRTEX® ranges still rank among the trailblazers in the nautical, camping and sun protection market. Meanwhile, textiles, tarpaulins and membranes from Mehler Texnologies are to be found in many different areas: Stadium roofs, façade cladding, yacht equipment or industrial solutions – the high-tech textiles are extremely versatile and lend themselves equally well to creative design or industrial applications. The base fabrics are produced in the company’s own weaving mills in Europe and can be individually coated to optimally suit customers’ requirements. The result: Flexible solutions that will ensure many years of use and withstand extreme conditions. One of the most challenging – and unique – projects in recent years was the 2015 World Expo in Milan, when the company was commissioned to supply the 70.000m² of membrane to cover the Decumano and Cardo, the two main axes of the exhibition site. Looking to the future, Mehler Texnologies is focusing on investments in further markets and systematic growth in Italy. Sustainability is a further focus. Mehler Texnologies is pursuing swift certification to ISO 14001, the standard that provides a systematic framework for integrating binding environmental targets and processes.


    EXPO Milano copyright Taiyo Europe outside bis

    At the WORLD EXPO Milano in 2015, the roofing of the main walkways had been made of the membrane VALMEX® FR 1200 MEHATOP® F Type III by Mehler Texnologies. (Photo: TAIYO EUROPE)



  • TensiNewsflash January 2022

    19 January 2022

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  • TensiNewsflash December 2021

    10 December 2021

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    5 November 2021

    The TensiNet Association was well represented at Advanced Building Skins 2021 with the very nice lightweight booth, the TensiNet & Friends Meeting and two sessions: Skins from fabrics and foils & Building Membrane Cladding Systems

     booth TensiNet

    Link TensiNet & Friends presentation


  • TensiNews - Newsletter Nr. 41 - OCTOBER 2021

    23 September 2021

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  • AMA Award

    28 July 2021

    csm AMA Award Label 300dpi fe00ebd2d4

    AMA Award

    Our living space and our environment are very important to us. Against the background of climate changes and increasing environmental problems, AMA would like to make a contribution into turning building more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    This also applies to building with light structures and membrane materials (fabrics and foils). These materials and construction methods are ideally suited to make a major contribution to saving our natural resources. The extremely small dimensions of lightweight structures compared to other types of construction lead to savings in several fields of sustainable construction. These savings relate to the energies used as well as the transport quantities, recycling and ultimately also the emissions and the reduced quantities of materials that arise at the end of the long life cycle.

    The competition, which AMA announced in 2021 for the first time, shall reward and honour outstanding contributions to sustainability and conservation of natural resources by awarding particularly good examples of products, projects, design and ideas in the field of lightweight and membrane structures.

    The AMA Award comprises four categories, two of these categories Products and Projects are for AMA members only and the other two Design and Idea for non-members. We want to recognize and reward people and companies having achieved special success on the way to a better future of our planet or firmely intending to do so (ideas).

    For more information see link

    Deadline: 22nd September 2021



    16 June 2021


    16th Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo, 21-22 October 2021, Bern, Switzerland

    International platform for architects, engineers, scientists and the building industry Architects, engineers and representatives of the worldwide building industry are meeting at the annual International Conference and Expo on Advanced Building Skins in Bern to discuss the latest trends and new developments in sustainable building design. The conference is Europe’s leading event on building envelopes and combines top-class presentations with active networking in the construction industry. Every year, over 150 speakers present new projects and developments in the design of building skins.


    The TensiNet Association will be represented this year with two TensiNet sessions on Membrane Architecture and with a TensiNet booth designed by associate partner POLIMI. Lastly, the TensiNet Association will organise a “TensiNet and friends” meeting scheduled on Thursday 21st October at 18.00.

    Interested to attend then visit the website https://abs.green/home/.

    Session 1 - Skins from fabrics and foils - Chair: Dipl.-Ing. Architect Katja Bernert

    Session 2 - Building Membrane Cladding Systems - Chair: Dr. Carl Maywald


  • Updates on the Sattler Management Board

    27 May 2021

    As part of the succession planning, Herbert Pfeilstecher passed on his responsibility as CEO and for the business units SATTLER SUN-TEX and SATTLER PRO-TEX to Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl. Lisbeth Wilding will take over CFO position effective immediately in addition to her current responsibility for Human Resources, IT, Business Development and Management System, as well as for the business unit SATTLER CENO. Find the link to the press release press release


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    27 May 2021
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  • IASS 2020/21 - Surrey 7 Spatial Structures Conference - confirmed keynote speakers

    12 May 2021

    The University of Surrey is hosting the Annual Symposium of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) and the 7th International Conference on Spatial Structures on 23-27 August 2021.

    This fully virtual conference will include eight internationally renowned keynote speakers: Sigrid Adriaenssens, Ian Firth, Massimo Maffeis, Marijke Mollaert, Sergio Pellegrino, Boris Reyher, Ulrik Støttrup-Andersen, and Chris Williams. See link