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AMA Award

Our living space and our environment are very important to us. Against the background of climate changes and increasing environmental problems, AMA would like to make a contribution into turning building more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This also applies to building with light structures and membrane materials (fabrics and foils). These materials and construction methods are ideally suited to make a major contribution to saving our natural resources. The extremely small dimensions of lightweight structures compared to other types of construction lead to savings in several fields of sustainable construction. These savings relate to the energies used as well as the transport quantities, recycling and ultimately also the emissions and the reduced quantities of materials that arise at the end of the long life cycle.

The competition, which AMA announced in 2021 for the first time, shall reward and honour outstanding contributions to sustainability and conservation of natural resources by awarding particularly good examples of products, projects, design and ideas in the field of lightweight and membrane structures.

The AMA Award comprises four categories, two of these categories Products and Projects are for AMA members only and the other two Design and Idea for non-members. We want to recognize and reward people and companies having achieved special success on the way to a better future of our planet or firmely intending to do so (ideas).

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Deadline: 22nd September 2021