At the General Assembly, the Permanent Members voted unanimously in favour of Architen Landrell and Pfeifer joining the association as Partner Members!

Architen Landrell is at the forefront of tensile architecture innovation. They specialise in structural membrane design to create landmark tensile fabric structures and iconic features. With 30 years of experience in the industry, an impressive portfolio of award-winning projects, and a growing list of over 6.000 structures in 48 countries, their track record speaks for itself.

Architen Landrell was a partner member in the early days, supporting the emergence of Tensinet in the membrane structures industry. Over the years they have worked with TensiNet, the University of Nottingham, the University of Newcastle and, more recently, the University of Bath, to expand their knowledge and improve their practice. They are active in the Working Group Sustainability & Comfort and the Working Group Eurocode and are keen to increase their involvement in the association and to work with all other members to advance their combined knowledge.

Pfeifer offers solutions for a wide range of applications within the construction, logistics and architecture industries. In the project business they realize innovative building envelopes, roof structures and façade constructions.

Their expertise is based on decades of experience with cable structures, tension rod systems and membrane covers. As pioneers in the field of lightweight architecture, they can design, supply and install these structures in any material - from steel to wood to membranes, glass or other materials.From movable structures to facades, bridges or roofs, there is always an intelligent way to create a light, resource-efficient, long-lasting and low-maintenance architectural solution.

Also, Pfeifer has been a Firm member for a long time.

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